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EE provides specialized Forensic Engineering services to lawyers, public agencies, insurance companies, as well as companies in the consulting and construction industries. Our services are focused on environmental and construction related issues and may be in support of others who provide more broadly based services.


In construction, the need for Forensic Engineering is needed when a structure does not perform as intended due to a problem with the design, building code, specified materials, or when the structure is not completed per the plan and specifications of the contract.  To determine if the perceived fault in the structure is due to actions of the engineer, architect, contractor, or tenant, a Forensic Engineer is often ask to give an unbiased opinion outlining the cause of a perceived deficiency.


The need for Environmental Forensics frequently occurs when there are successive owners of a contaminated property, when there are commingled groundwater plumes, or when wastes have been distributed in a community from an unknown source. To determine the responsible party and source of a release of contaminants to the environment and the liability associated with a release, a Forensic Engineer is often ask to give an unbiased opinion outlining where and when a particular contaminate was released and who is responsible.